Rosie Jean - the Inspiration behind BonBon Pet Designs

This is our Rosie - she is a 100 pound lab/mastiff/hound mix. We adopted her at 8 months from Ann and Pete's Rescue ( who adopts out rescue dogs brought to Ontario from Quebec by IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare). Rosie is now 2 years old. The blurb under Rosie's picture when we saw her online read that, "...although she has had a very rough start to life in Northern Quebec, she is an extremely sweet, gentle dog...". We fell in love with her as soon as we saw her picture and the write up about her. 

As we grow together with Rosie, as with all pet owners I am sure, we cannot imagine our life without her. She is just a big, slobbery bundle of joy and love! Her middle name is Jean, Rosie Jean.

We are very guilty of spoiling our dog - she sleeps on our bed, has countless walks, toys and bones, is rarely alone, and parties with 20 of her best buddies at her amazing daycare (Park9 Liberty Village!) every Saturday - and she is in the dog park usually twice a day.

Rosie loves to look good - an she is an absolutely gorgeous dog. We could never find fun bow ties or bandannas that came in her large size - so, with the amazing creativity and excellent taste in fabric that my great artist friend Dawn has, BonBon Pet Designs was born! 

We are so happy to offer fun and modern accessories for ALL sizes of dogs so that dogs like Rosie, can look and feel as amazing as her smaller dog pals!

Please continue to send us pics of your dogs wearing their BonBons! If Rosie gets the chance to ever meet them, I apologize in advance for the big slobbery kiss you and your dog will get!